Rocket City

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Breakfast At Tiffany's (Diner)

Several employees of the Supers Wrestling Federation were having breakfast at the Riceville Station Diner.  Ring announcer Craig Anderson, talent interviewer Cate O'Malley, retired 'legacy' wrestler Captain Luscious (a.k.a. Richard "Dick" Manley), and the owner, Christoper Alan Thompson the Fifth, were holding the traditional show day breakfast when a pair of desperate young adults tried to hold up the diner.

The SWF employees in attendance quickly defused the scenario, but then discovered a group of thugs chasing a young woman across the street.  They pursued, and after rescuing her, the young woman told them several of the friends were being held hostage on the other side of the street!

Again, the wrestling company charged into danger and rescued the women from a group of Equalists.  By this time, the Glenn P.D. had arrived, and our heroes met Detective Lieutenant Murphy of the Augmented Victims Unit, who warned the wrestlers about using Gifts illegally, but let them off because they were defending the lives of others.



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