Rocket City

Pay-Per-View Chaos!

A Funny Thing Happened At The Arena...

It was nearly time for the main event of the Supers Wrestling Federation's pay-per-view event for November, "Super Carnage!"  It was to feature the SWF women's champion, Miss Fortune, versus the newcomer and number one contender, Volcano Bey.  But before that was a four-on-four tag team match, Mr. Clean, Mom's Knowing Look, Pitbull, and Bullfrog versus Mr. Beautiful, The Clown, The Mannequin, and The School Bully.  Craig Anderson was on the mic for play-by-play, while SWF Legend Dick 'Captain Luscious' Manly was filling in as the color announcer.

About halfway through the match, men's champion Mr. Beautiful, not wanting to face off one-on-one against the number one contender Mr. Clean, stretched his way out of Mr. Clean's reach and over the retaining wall into the audience.  Mr. Clean leapt directly from the top rope into the audience in hot pursuit.  But once they were surrounded in the middle of the crowd, the pair began attacking the patrons of the event!  Furthermore, the other SWF Superstars likewise climbed over the wall and proceeded to attack the audience.

Security charged out, led by SWF Security Chief Victor Weisman, to try to subdue the chaos.  The announce team of Craig Anderson and Dick 'Captain Luscious' Manly likewise jumped in, and backstage interviewer Cate McConnell charged out from the back to lend a hand.

By this time, the audience had panicked, and tried to escape through the heavy steel exit doors at the back of the many ramps around the old Glenn Armory used by the SWF as their primary facility.  They quickly discovered that the doors had been manacled from the outside!  Screaming could be heard, and patrons were trampled as they attempted to find a way out of the building.



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