History of Supers

Something happened in the year 1925.  Nobody really knows exactly what occurred, but the world changed forever.  All across the world people started to be born with or manifest new and frightening abilities.  These abilities ranged from the minor, such as being able to create a small fire in the palm of your hand (making it easier to light your smoke!); to mind-breaking telepathic abilities and earth shattering transformations.  The folk with just one minor power are referred to as Gimmicks, those with greater powers are called Augments.

The years after the outbreak of these powers were streaked with civil rights turmoil, fear, and rioting.  This all calmed down when World War II started and the Supers were given a chance to fight and prove their loyalty to their respective countries.  The only problem was that all the nations had the same notion, and the following war wasn't just fought with weapons, tanks, and ordinary soldiers, but also by Supers.

After the allies won the war, a more peaceful, and more successful, civil rights movement for the augments formed.  In the last sixty years, special schools have been opened, to help teach Supers to control their abilities, as well as to get a normal education; numerous jobs have begun to employ Supers, specifically for their powers; and, of course, public and secret government agencies have come into existence to deal with, or specialize in using, the Supers.

If you read the host of scientific studies, examine the ideas of the theorists, or just browse the world-wide web, you will find numerous explanations about what changed during that fateful year that the supers were born.  Some of the most popular include alien influences, natural mutations, other dimensional interventions, and even the explosion of a kind of innate magic.

Whatever the reason for their coming, today the augments are a normal part of life.  Some people still harbor fear, resentment, and prejudice towards them, but life for the most part is back to normal – or, at least, as normal as it can ever be with people flying around and the like.


History of Supers

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